Our mission: advocate for policies that will help make

the lives of more than 90 million Americans caring

for loves ones with chronic conditions, disabilities,

disease, or the frailties of old age easier.

Some of the issues on which we advocate are:

Caregivers need access to medical information and patient records so they can better provide care for a loved one…

Caregivers being included in patient records

Often, prescription drugs can be costly, especially for patients on high-deductible health insurance plans...

Access to

prescription drugs

Caregivers spend a significant amount of time and income caring for loved ones. CVU advocates for a tax credit....

Tax policies that

help caregivers

Many times, a loved one will ultimately wind up needing nursing home care. CVU recognizes that this doesn’t...


home issues

Non-medical switching is the practice of changing a patient’s medications for any reason beyond the patient’s health...



Medicare Part D is a stand-alone prescription drug coverage that can be added to the original Medicare....


Part D

Medicare Part B has some limited reimbursement options to cover home care but currently nothing that...

Medicare Part B reimbursement

Many times, caregivers may need the additional help of in-home care services for their loved ones. CVU...


care services

When loved ones have Medicaid coverage, there is an allowance that can pay a family member as the...


 Caregiver Voices Unied

1150 Connecticut Ave, NW Suite 501

Washington, DC 20036-3904 

(202) 454-3970

 Caregiver Voices United

1150 Connecticut Ave, NW Suite 501

Washington, DC 20036-3904 

(202) 454-3970